The Klokan App

John vd Waeter from GoGo Rideshare has developed an app for roadside ridesharing.  Users download the Klokan (it means kangaroo) app and make a profile.  Riders input their current location, and their destination.  Tapping GoGo puts a shout-out for a ride to any nearby drivers who are checking the app. Drivers can immediately see where the rider is heading, how far away they are and where they are waiting. Drivers then tap on a rider's listing to see a profile--picture, name, gender--and then can invite that rider along.  When a rider gets an invitation, they can view the drivers profile and then accept or decline the offer.

 Klokan needs a large number of participants, especially drivers.  It's a good solution for an institution with parking constraints and/or incentives to carpool--like a university, or a large employer.  It could also be used to coordinate dispatched rides, for example, a college safe ride program, or to alert drivers of a jitney or dollar van that a rider needs a ride.

Klokan is available right now in the app store and Google play, with updates and improvements coming every week.