New Name, New Look: June 5, 2014

I’m back from my trip to Ireland where I met with my brilliant teammates and hammered out a Power Up plan for the summer.  We are working toward putting all the elements in place for a soft launch at the end of September.  I already have a pared down version of the app loaded on my phone!

Even though the name Lawrence OnBoard is very close to my heart and makes me glow with civic pride whenever I say it, we all agreed that it needs a new name.  After all, this project is too awesome to limit to just one town.  Since the roadside ridesharing model will fit nicely with the successful Carma Carpool app, we wanted to use Carma in the name, but with something added that distinguishes it.  After much debate, head scratching and sleepless nights, we decided on Carma Hop.

Hop is fun and sassy.  It sounds like what it is: a spontaneous short trip.  Hop on in, gonna hop to work this morning.  We’re keeping the green color, but using the winged wheel logo.  The smarties at Carma even whipped together a pared down version of an app before I left for home.  It’s on my phone right now.

Once it’s up and running, anyone can download the app and create a user profile. We’ll have a map that shows good tested locations, and when you hop in a car, you just hit the “start trip” button.  A list of members pops up and you pick the person you’re riding with and that’s pretty much it.  When you are done, you hit “trip end”.  Your driver gets a small amount per mile to pay for gas, and you’ve made a new friend.  If the driver isn’t a member, you can enter some contact info, like phone or email.  The driver will get credit for the trip, and later gets a reminder to sign up.  We’re figuring out how to do all this with simple text messages as well.