So Far, So Good: January 15, 2013

Here it is January already and the weather is a little cold for roadside ridesharing.  Now that my day job has slowed a bit,  I need to toughen up and get back out on the road.  The sun is setting later each day, and that means more hours to plan a trip and be home before dark.  One more hurdle to cross with this project:  how can we ride safely when it gets dark?  Will we have little lights to clip onto the whiteboards?  Can we use well-lit parking lots?  Should this be a daytime only activity? For now, I think I will stick to daytime hours.

Many of you are wondering how the hitchhiking is going so far.  Here are a few stats that I have collected from my experiences this past fall:

  • number of rides: 13
  • average wait time: 5.2 minutes
  • 8  male and 5 female drivers
  • average age of driver:  42
  • total miles traveled:  59
  • overall impression:  YEAH!

All of the rides I took last year were either into Lawrence from my house, around town or getting back home.  This year, I hope to range a little further and travel to various small towns in the area like Oskaloosa, Lecompton, McClouth, Baldwin and Tonganoxie.  I am currently finalizing the design for the rideboards and hope to have those available to citizen researchers within a few weeks.