Game Changer for Lawrence OnBoard: May 15, 2014

Game changing news for Lawrence OnBoard- we’ve teamed up with Carma!  

What is Carma?

“Carma Carpooling is the simple smartphone app that introduces you to nearby people who want to share rides. Drivers receive small payments from riders towards their costs, and riders get an affordable, fun new commute option. Carma helps you improve your local community by reducing the number of cars on our roads.”

I’ve been following this company since I started Lawrence OnBoard, and was really impressed by their work and their mission.  Their apps for iPhone and Android have already matched enough carpool rides to get to the moon.  (That’s right- the MOON!)  They have a savvy business model, loads of experience and a global reach.  

I met up with Carma founder, Sean O’Sullivan, at the TRB conference in January, and he thought our Roadside Ridesharing model would be a versatile, low-tech complement to the Carma app.  They want to develop the concept, implement it here in Lawrence, then take it-not just national, but global.  Now I’m getting ready to fly to Ireland, meet the team and hammer away at a a new plan to take Lawrence OnBoard and make it soar!