Find a Way to Get To Yes: December 22, 2013

I love Lawrence!  And right now I especially love the Lawrence City Commissioners who voted unanimously to work toward changing the Standard Traffic Ordinance in order to allow Lawrence OnBoard to go forward.  They directed staff to “Find a way to get to ‘yes'”.  The atmosphere was overwhelmingly positive last night, with dozens of supporters turning out to sit in and speak up in favor of roadside ridesharing.  See Jenny’s presentation here.  We had some great news coverage as well.  You can check out stories in the Lawrence Journal-WorldKansas Public Radio, local station Channel 6 news and Kansas City’s KCTV Channel 5 news.  

I’d like to thank Thad Holcombe, Katrina McClure, Michael Almon, Scott White, and Lynn Luck who wrote letters of support, and Matt Kirby, Aaron Paden, Sven Longstrom, Natalya Lowther and all the other good people who spoke up our favor.  Special thanks to Eileen Horn, Sustainability Coordinator who greases the wheels and gives a great pep talk.

I’m so glad to get some movement in a positive direction before I head off to the Transportation Research Board conference in Washington DC next month.  I’m pleased and proud that Lawrence is such a progressive and forward thinking community!