A Fortunate Event: July 25, 2013

Last week was a big week for Lawrence OnBoard!  First KKFI Public Radio in Kansas City played the interview that Jenny O’Brien recorded with station manager Mike Murphy.  It was played at the end of the EcoRadio show Monday night at 6:30.

On Wednesday, Channel 6 news reporter and producer Ann Wilson dropped by the LOB office with videographer Steven Jones.  The previous week, Mr. Jones had seen Jenny on the street, trying to get a ride to the KU campus.  He stopped and said “I’m not going to KU, but you look like a story!”  Steve and Ann did a wonderful job, and citizen researcher Jason Hering agreed to help demo.  Steve filmed Jenny trying to get a ride on Tennessee street down to Checkers.  As luck would have it, Jenny’s friend Emily Hampton stopped by and picked her up.  She even made time for a short interview.  The two newsfolk finished up around 4 and had a feature story ready that evening at 6!

This week, Jenny and KU Professor Ann Dunning are finishing up a research paper to submit to the Transportation Research Board.  We hope they will accept it and perhaps even publish it.  The world needs to know that Roadside Ridesharing works!